Predrag Vučković is a world-renowned photographer, whose specialties include extreme sports photography, aerial photography, underwater photography, expedition photography, photography in extreme conditions, and action photography. He was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1973. While Belgrade remains his official residence, his business ventures take him to all corners of the globe, which is the reason why he spends the majority of his time abroad. His alias Extreme Photographer is synonymous with astounding photographs through which Predrag transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, and phenomenal moments into spectacular. What is exceptional about him is that he has been able to convert his personal interests and adrenalinefueled lifestyle into a unique set of skills and abilities which give his work a distinctive signature.

Mr. Vučković started his career as a photographer in 1989. As he was one of the pioneers of extreme sports in this region, it is not surprising that extreme sports were the first to be captured by his lens. Since 2005, Predrag Vučković has been an official Red Bull international photographer, and his career has since expanded beyond the borders of Europe. Due to a specific set of skills and abilities, as well as to his characteristic photographic vision and expression, he has had the privilege of being part of some of the most thrilling and unconventional photo sessions ever, as well as reaching destinations inaccessible to other photographers. He has captured the historic moments in which athletes pushed the boundaries of their capabilities, accomplishing something for the first time when setting or breaking records.

Aerial and underwater photography are also an important part of Predrag’s extensive portfolio: he has over 20 years’ diving experience and has logged over 2000 hours of diving time; his lens has captured the underwater world of many seas and oceans. With over 500 hours of aerial photography from an airplane or a helicopter, he is one of the few photographers whose portfolio includes some of the unique moments captured from above. He was part of the Red Bull Stratos team of photographers, who visually documented Felix Baumgartner’s historic jump from the edge of space.

Exclusivity, uniqueness of the moment, and unconventional photo composition have always been constants in his work. Predrag’s photographs have graced over 300 cover pages and appeared in countless magazines, newspapers, and websites worldwide, as well as in museums, books, and exhibitions.

Predrag Vučković has also authored two photo books – Serbia from a Different Perspective and Montenegro from a Different Perspective – publications that showcase some well-known, lesserknown, and completely unknown places in these two countries.