When I published the book "Montenegro from a different perspective," in 2019, I knew that I was not putting an end to my adventure but rather an ellipsis (three dots). My adventure continued, and the result is the second, updated edition of the book "Montenegro from a different perspective" with 200 unique locations in this country.
What comes to your mind first when you think about Montenegro? What is it that makes it unique? These were just some of the questions I tried to answer with photos. One book was not enough to give my answer. Montenegro abounds in natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, whether they are hidden gems or well-known locations. In its cities and on the coast, rich history and the past meet modern times. It is precisely this dualism that makes this country unique and exciting and an eternal inspiration.
I have spent years exploring, traveling, and photographing all over Montenegro in an attempt to see the unseen or present what has already been seen but differently. The more I explored, the more fascinated I became by the fact that this small country is not so small after all and that incredible locations are lined up one after another.
Organization and preparation for a photo shoot are necessary, no matter what I do. But it seemed that no matter how prepared I was, Montenegro had a hidden surprise for me with every new turn. I could never predict what awaited me in a particular location, but as the adventurer I am, I enjoyed that so much. Therefore I was privileged and rewarded by discovering some amazing new places and witnessing spectacular moments that I turned into photos.
The second updated edition of the book brings 200 locations in Montenegro — known, less known, or completely unknown places. In the book's previous edition, we singled out the sea coast, wild mountains, spectacular lakes, historical locations, and contrasts between seasons. Those locations also await you in this edition, although some are presented in a new photographic form. With another 100 exclusive photos, we completed the story of Montenegro and presented it from a different perspective. Continuing the adventure, we bring an unusual view of wild mountain peaks, spectacular canyons, caves, rivers, magical lakes, beaches, cities, and ports. We present to you Montenegro as you have never seen it before.