Montenegro From A Different Perspective (2023-ENG edition)


While creating the first edition of Montenegro from a Different Perspective, Predrag Vučković already knew he was not about to conclude his adventurous mission with a period, but rather with the phrase More to come. The book you are holding is the next stage on the journey through the well-known, lesser-known, and practically unknown Montenegrin landscapes. What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of Montenegro? Is it the coast, wild mountains, magnificent lakes, historical landmarks, caves, rivers, beaches, towns, ports, or is it the contrasting seasons? Many pages of this book showcase all of this in one place. Of course, nothing can compare to actually being there, but the stunning photographs by Predrag Vučković capture the essence of these locations, immersing the readers in their true beauty.
Get to know Montenegro from a different perspective – 200 locations presented through spectacular photographs that uniquely portray some of the undoubtedly awe-inspiring places.